1. God of War Graywitch 6:44

Release date: 02/02/2024


  1. Overture To Olympus 01:12
  2. Children of Gods 03:47
  3. Odysseus 04:29
  4. Holy Lands 06:17
  5. The One 07:40
  6. Immortals 06:16
  7. Swansong 03:19
  8. God Of War 06:42
  9. Over The Red Sky 07:24
  10. Swansong (Orchestral) 03:21


Guest Musicians

Dan Baune* (Devil’s Train, Lost Sanctuary, Monument, Calatrilloz, Day40, Fractera Eden): Guitar solo on “God of War”
Jimmy Sinner Tairidis (Everflow, Anxiety, Divine Requiem): Guitar solo on “God of War”
Grigoris Langouvardos: Violins
Eleni Langouvardou: Violins
Vasiliki Erotokritou: Female Vocals
*Dan Baune appears courtesy of ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records

Recording info

All lead vocals performed by George Papadopoulos.
Back vocals performed by George & Spyros.
All guitars & bass recordings and all orchestral samples performed and arranged by Spyros.
All drums & percussions performed by Thomas Chalkias.
Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Acoustic & Classical Guitars, orchestral instruments have been recorded at Infected Studios.
Mixed & Mastered at Infected Studios by George Stournaras.


Album Front Cover Illustrations by Psyclone Artcore.
Booklet Design, layout & back cover by Vaggelis Kanavitsados.
Band Logo by Psyclone Artcore.

Executive Producer: Tolis G. Palantzas/Sleaszy Rider SRL

UPC: 5200328702814

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Children of Gods

Release Date : 02-02-2024
Artist : Graywitch
Genre : Heavy Metal
Catalog ref. : SR-0332
Format : CD