On 24th of May we gave an interview for Filthy Dogs of Metal. Here is a small part of it…

Welcome to the FILTHY DOGS OF METAL Webzine.
Tell us a few things about GRAYWITCH (Members, Starting Year etc).
Hi Stavros. Thank you for this interview opportunity. Greetings to all your readers 🙂
Graywitch started back in fall of 2018 by Spyros on guitars & Dino on vocals, in Nicosia, Cyprus. Along with other musicians we began by playing the music we love, Heavy Metal, some classic covers and in the way a couple of originals started shaping. Aris joined on bass, about a year later and our latest additions during 2020 were John on guitars and Thomas on Drums. This is our current stable line up for 1+ years and we are sure it will last for many – maaaaaany years as we all share the same passion.

You are going to release your album ”Rise of the Witch”. Tell us a few things about this project.
In 2019, one fine and for sure hot evening in Cyprus, the Graywitch members sat around a table to talk about our future and decided to form a full-length album. Spyros and Dino had already a few pre-recorded tracks, so we carefully listened to ALL of them and handpicked those which we liked most and made sense as a whole. We wanted a versatile but solid album. Something that we’d like to slide in the CD player, crank up the volume and make us happy. Of course, you should understand by now that it takes a lot of effort, time etc. to finalize all tracks, get the sound that you wanted while composing, find the right partners that can understand our vision and put together what we have dreamt of. Fortunately for us Chris Zabaras put together all his talent to create the front and back cover of the album and Marios Tsingerliotis (Psyclone Artcore) did the booklet and general design arrangement of what you see on the CD. For sure, we wouldn’t be able to make it without the patience and hard work of George Stournaras (Infected Studios) on the mix, mastering and production. For everyone out there reading this, listen to your sound engineer 😉

Label or DIY and why?
Well, a short answer is both. Our point of view is that you do need a label. Labels take care of a lot of important things, like the CD printing factory…

Read the full interview on https://www.filthydogsofmetal.com/interviews/interview-with-graywitch

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