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Graywitch - God of War (single)

New single “God of War” out now!

The first single “God of War” taken from our 2nd full length album “Children of Gods” has been released, by Sleaszy Rider SRL! This is just a “small” sample of the epic sound that you are about to listen to on “Children of Gods”. We went through an Odyssey to make this album come true… 😉

The track was produced at Infected Studios by Geοrge Stournaras, in Thessaloniki, Greece, featuring guest musicians as Dan Baune (Devil’s Train, Lost Sanctuary, Monument) and Jimmy “Sinner” Tairidis (Everflow, Anxiety, Divine Requiem) taking over the guitar solos.

“God of War” is the first song introducing George Papadopoulos, as the new singer of Graywitch. It is composed by complex time signatures, daring structure, solid guitar work and catchy choruses.

Graywitch - God of War (single)

graywitch rise of the witch cd player

“RISE OF THE WITCH” debut album has been released

This is a really important day for us. Our debut album “RISE OF THE WITCH” has been released. Listen, share and order it below.

graywitch rise of the witch cd box filtered

The “Rise of the Witch” physical CD is here

A huge box arrived at our doorstep today. Hundreds of our #debut #album #GraywitchRise of the Witch“. #Preorders have already started. Grab yours to get it on time 🙂

It looks awesome as all of Sleaszy Rider releases do. 4 pages of high quality double-side colored printed pages with full lyrics, credits and additional info, transparent jewelcase, colored printed CD. It looks and sounds AWESOME.

Listen to the track Heavy Metal Life below

#heavymetal #nwothm #nwothmband #greece #cyprus #greekmetal #cyprusmetal


To "Children of Gods" των Graywitch είναι συνολικά μια ποιοτική παραγωγή από θεματολογία, στίχο, σύνθεση, φωνητική ερμηνεία και artwork. Είναι ένα άλμπουμ που μπορείς να το ακούς συνέχεια και οποιαδήποτε στιγμή. Για όλους όσους αγαπούν το ποιοτικό heavy metal.

Rating: 10/10 / Country: Greece

All Time Metal

Un véritable album fait par des musiciens passionnés qui nous offrent des chansons de qualité et très inspirées. Encore un groupe à surveiller du coin de l’oeil.

Country: France

They have an excellent new ten track album out now called 'Children of Gods' which clocks in at around fifty minutes long and is the bands sophomore full length release.

Country: United Kingdom

Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine

There is variety on this Graywitch album. There’s the double bass driven heavy metal of “Odysseus” and the Iron Maiden like gallop on “The One.” Graywitch go for the heavy metal epic with “Over the Red Sky” and the acoustic beginning and end to “Holy Lands” adds depth.

Country: United States

Transcending the Mundane

Epic heavy metal flows in the new album and you can see this from the intro of the album “Overture To Olympus” that could easily adorn an epic series or movie, even a documentary. The album's flagship is at number eight with wonderful composition and poetic aura. The aggressive "God of War" is coming to put us on the path of tension. Sharp notes, fighting rhythms and high lyrical voice notes. An excellent combination.

Rating: 9/10 / Country: Greece


The melodies are a strong point of the album. Everything sounds crystal clear, like how it should be ... This album makes you beg for more! If you are a fan of bands like Helloween and Blind Guardian, and/or a mythology freak, do not miss it!

Rating: 9/10 / Country: Portugal

𝙃𝙞𝙣𝙩𝙛 𝙒𝙚𝙗𝙯𝙞𝙣𝙚

There are hot axe solos, commanding vocals, orchestral nuances and a general feel of serious metal being played, and with nary a flake of cheese in sight... it’s good to see bands evolve positively and I sense that if they stick to their weapons then Graywitch may find a new fan base and do well on the festival circuit.

Country: United Kingdom

Metal Forces Magazine

Yes, it’s true: GRAYWITCH evolved and expanded in the best way possible, bringing out a classy, compact album, so enjoyable to listen to from start to finish! I dare to say that they can now be counted among the great Hellenic epic metal forces.

The Forgotten Scroll

An anthology of recipes that work to refresh the old.

It's now or never to renew your classics!

Country: France


"When Aphrodite became a witch, the night was filled with steel and fire"

Rating: 7/10 / Country: Greece

Rock Da Vinci

Released 02.02.2024

Released 29.12.2023


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