The first single “God of War” taken from our 2nd full length album “Children of Gods” has been released, by Sleaszy Rider SRL! This is just a “small” sample of the epic sound that you are about to listen to on “Children of Gods”. We went through an Odyssey to make this album come true… 😉

The track was produced at Infected Studios by Geοrge Stournaras, in Thessaloniki, Greece, featuring guest musicians as Dan Baune (Devil’s Train, Lost Sanctuary, Monument) and Jimmy “Sinner” Tairidis (Everflow, Anxiety, Divine Requiem) taking over the guitar solos.

“God of War” is the first song introducing George Papadopoulos, as the new singer of Graywitch. It is composed by complex time signatures, daring structure, solid guitar work and catchy choruses.

Graywitch - God of War (single)

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